BrainWings, LLC was founded in 2020 by Occupational Therapist, Judith Goddard for the purpose of serving pre-teens and teens. She felt that there is a gap in services for this age group. Overall wellness in this age is important and, if overlooked, can result in mental and physical challenges, which in turn can impact participation in everyday life and continuing into adulthood. Adolescence is a special and crucial time that brings with it many opportunities for teens to understand who they are, to learn and grow, and to harness their potential. It is widely known that there are many challenges faced by all teens, with or without special needs. Judith has worked with teens with special needs and understands the additional challenges that are present. At the same time, teens without special needs or a diagnosis often fall through the cracks, when challenges exist but are not plain to see. For that reason, she started BrainWings in the hopes of being a support system to all teens.
Vision - With empowerment, pre-teens and teens will enhance their performance, participation, and well-being for daily life. Their minds and bodies will be strengthened to improve their potential for everyday life.
Mission - We take a holistic view so that pre-teens and teens gain independence, self-efficacy, and mental wellness in daily life activities while using evidence-based approaches.
Values - dignity, creativity, room to grow, integrity, respect, and transparency.
Pre-teens and teens who can benefit include those with the following diagnoses but not limited to:


Self-regulation Difficulties (include emotional dysregulation)

Developmental Delay


No diagnosis but demonstrates weak executive function and coping skills

Task modifications, compensatory strategies, and adaptations can be used to promote participation and success

If we feel that your child might benefit from additional services, we refer to other professionals as needed. We will collaborate to determine what services would be most beneficial.