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Hey there! I'm Judith Goddard.

My coaching journey started in 2014. I had endured significant losses in my life, including the loss of both my parents 11 years earlier and the loss of my eldest sister in 2009 to ovarian cancer. In 2020, I lost my second-born sister and her daughter (my niece) to breast cancer one month apart. I was devastated. That latter life event made me re-evaluate my life course. It also started my desire to begin dealing with my lifelong struggles. In addition to my faith, I started addressing a balance in my thoughts, emotions, and energy. 

As time progressed, I continued to practice as an Occupational Therapist while learning as much as possible about the brain and body connection. I was fascinated. I had always enjoyed lectures on the brain and nervous system in college, but that utterly drew me in this time. I began to see how the brain and body connection impacts wellness and wellbeing. I saw it in my life as I started recognizing how thoughts, emotions, and energy influence actions. I dealt with my long-time struggles with anxiety and perfectionism. In 2021, I finally decided to get certified as a Life and Health Coach. 

I founded BrainWings LLC in 2020 after a longing desire to be a person that inspires people to endure transitions while recognizing that joy and calm can also be present. To tap into that joy means making a conscious and deliberate effort, which can often be uncomfortable. 

I have chosen to specialize in Executive function coaching, which is the Self-Regulation of thoughts, emotions, energy,  behavior, thinking, and execution skills.  You often need these skills, especially when going through challenges or changes. Change can be easy and one that brings pleasure or difficulty and brings pain. It involves moving forward or through. The movement is meant to be toward a transformation, a growth in life, and not staying the same. As a coach, you and I work together to activate awareness. I do not fix anyone. On the contrary, I spur you to embrace the transformation while adopting healthy perspectives so you can move through and forward. 


I work with

- Teens and young adults (15-25 years). 

- Parents for consult and education (Infants -14 years)

I hope to be a listening ear, a catalyst for adaptation & change, and a source of accountability. 

Ultimately, my clients will discover that they can grow, learn, and have joy and peace

even in challenging times, an attitude that will serve them through life's journey. 

Vision - To ease and enrich life.
Mission: At BrainWings, I aim to advocate and provide effective coaching and education using innovative strategies to impact the human experience positively. 
Values - dignity, service, creativity, room to grow, integrity, playfulness, and transparency.
If I feel that you might benefit from other services, I refer you to other professionals as needed.
I will collaborate to determine what services would be most beneficial.



 Judith Goddard, MOTR/L , CLHC, ADHD - RPS


 Phone: (417) 216-7352

 Fax: (417) 280-3120





As a young adult, I moved to the United States a little over two decades ago. It was an exciting yet scary time for me
and a significant transition in my life. As soon as I arrived, I faced many challenges that brought me to my knees. 
In addition to dealing with circumstances and traumatic hardships that were beyond my control, there was culture shock and issues with anxiety from childhood. 

Learning to overcome challenges was a complex process, and I began reflecting on my life and 
how I got through the years. I did not have much of a support system, but I've come to realize that besides 
my faith, there were practical things that I had to do to overcome the challenges.
It was not always easy, and sometimes I messed up. 

As I've moved through this life's journey,  I've seen the 
importance of having support when going through life cha
nges. For that reason, I started BrainWings
"to be that person to others that I never had."


When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, including our 12-year-old Yorkie, traveling,

learning languages, learning about other cultures, reading, writing, and pursuing wellness.

I love nature and think it is one of the most precious and beautiful gifts God has given us to learn from and enjoy. 

I started my professional career as an Occupational Therapist and worked in many settings, gaining much experience. 

I continue working part-time as an OT in Early intervention

My love for wellness has propelled me to pursue a Life and Health Coach certification and ADHD- RPS certification.  I'm an avid advocate of educating parents/caregivers, teens, and young adults on Executive Function (EF) skills,

and I'm also an EF coach.

I bring my life experiences/stories, professional training, and personal growth to coaching.







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