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What Is Executive functioning?

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Coaching services are also available to

- Clients with ADHD

- Clients with Executive function weaknesses

NOTE:  People with ADHD have executive function weaknesses.

Executive function weaknesses can exist without ADHD.

ADHD is an official diagnosis and a neurodevelopmental disorder. It is often characterized by 

difficulty regulating attention, hyperactivity/difficulty managing energy, and 

acting impulsively. These observable symptoms often hinder performance/execution and impact the completion of tasks or goals. 

Executive weaknesses/dysfunction is not an official diagnosis and is defined as challenges with mental processing (attention, mental flexibility, working memory, organization, planning, initiation, self-monitoring, and self-regulation). 

Stress, lack of sleep, trauma, anxiety, depression, brain injuries, and learning disorders are some causes of executive dysfunction. 

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  online parent or caregiver      consultation and education

 (Infant-14 YRS)



online parent/caregiver consultation & 


online parent/caregiver consultation

We provide consultation and education related to your teens' roles and routines.

Suppose you feel that your child might struggle but not necessarily need direct individualized services. In that case, we can discuss your concerns, provide strategies for tasks or activities that you can practice, and then follow up with you as needed. In our consult services, we use dialogue, and the parent or caregiver comes up with goals and ways to achieve them. Caregiver consults for Infants, Early Childhood, Preschool, and School Age (0-14 years)

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