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Who is a coach? 

A  coach helps you unfold the things you want. They come alongside you to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. A coach is not a counselor or a therapist. Let's look at it this way. A therapist will most likely address your history/root of issues and perhaps traumatic events. A counselor helps guide an individual to resolve current problems and might tackle some past experiences. A therapist and counselor walk you through your old and current life map. A coach ignites your journey to explore areas of opportunity on your life map moving forward. A coach helps you explore the uncharted map of possibilities. 

It is possible to see a counselor or therapist and have a coach. 

Why do you need a coach? 

Sometimes, life changes are unpredictable and out of our control, and other times, you sense that you need a change, a shift in your life. You might not know where to start or need support to move forward.

A coach will help you identify where you are, what you want, and how to gracefully live during changes so that a healthy transformation occurs.  The coach creates an environment that allows you to make room to see options and opportunities and to grow in the midst of predictable and unpredictable changes.  A coach acts as your catalyst for action and an accountability partner. 

Coaching teens/young adults (15-25 yrs) to invite a healthy perspective
that activates sound decision making, nourishes joy and calm, 
and enhances a thriving and quality life. 


* If you have a mental health diagnosis, have unresolved past trauma, and could benefit from intensive mental health treatment, please seek therapy. I can coach alongside counseling or therapy, but it is essential to address mental disorders that significantly impact your safety.  

*I refer individuals to other professional services if I see the need. If you are in crisis, I will likely refer you. It is preferable to work together once symptoms are well managed. 

*Coaching services support young adults and adults who want to move forward and are not intended to replace professional mental health care or medical care. The purpose of coaching is not to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. 


Mountain Ridge
Desert Dunes


Judy is very intuitive, insightful, and a wonderful human being. Her depth of compassion and understanding of the human nature drew out deep truths regarding my emotional struggles with weight loss and my relationship with food. From these truths, I am able to find clarity and a path towards healthy thinking. Judy is also practical and gives relevant, doable strategies to help me be more reflective in my food choices and patterns of behavior. With that said, I’ve made mistakes on this journey, but she did not once make me feel shame about my choices; instead, she listened and showed me the utmost patience as I worked through my issues. I never realized I needed a life coach until I went through this process, but her insight and care along the way showed me a different, healthier path that still feels true to me.

Desert Dunes


Judith was a real blessing to me. She asked great questions and helped me in self-reflecting deeper to set healthy, attainable goals. She gave assignments to aid in my growth. I recommend her.

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