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Recess Is A Reset: Health And Wellness

Educators, including homeschooling parents, show commitment, dedication, and patience. It is an enormous yet rewarding responsibility to educate children. Teachers, homeschooling parents, and caregivers have this tremendous responsibility and curriculum to cover. They must accommodate the "whole" child, meaning personality, temperament, mental processes, external environment, and social influences. This article illuminates the benefits of recess in the school systems and homeschooling programs to support their efforts.

What is recess? According to the Cambridge dictionary, "recess in school is a time between classes when children do not study." Recess comes from the Latin word "recessus," which refers to retreat. In other words, it's a withdrawal from pressure so that you can recharge. Recess is a reset. Recess helps to reset physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. It curbs burnout.