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Self-management/Executive function coaching 

Image by Ben Ostrower

Coaching teenS  & young adults

TEENS (15-19 YRS)

Being a teen is a unique and crucial time that brings many opportunities for teens to understand who they are, learn and grow, and go through their journey positively.

Teens face triumphs along with challenges. I hope to celebrate wins and give them space to explore the hidden possibilities in problems while growing inner strength.

Some things I coach on: 

Mental & physical wellness (adopting a healthy lifestyle & coping with stress)

- Immigration and acclimating to a new environment

- Body image

- Exploring dating 

- Friendships (peer pressure, isolation)

- Communicating needs effectively

-  Moving toward focused, positive pursuits



I hope to provide a favorable environment so they can be transparent about issues they might experience. This opening can allow them to explore possibilities that

will lead them down a path to being cognizant

of how they can use their strengths and struggles positively.


Some of things I coach on:

- Mental & physical wellness: adopting a healthy lifestyle

  • Transitions from high school to college or work

  • Dating & Relationships

  • Immigration and acclimating to a new environment

  • New roles & responsibilities, such as moving out independently

  • Starting a family

  • Parenthood



Infants -14 YRS

Executive function skills affect how babies, children, and teens interact and cope with the world. These skills ultimately determine how they function in daily life.

From the moment of birth, we are all moving towards independence in daily life: personal care, productivity (home, school, work, community), sleep/rest, leisure exploration, and health management.

Increased demands can be challenging. While some individuals can handle and cope with demands, others might struggle. 

It’s safe to say that they need an opportunity to learn and gain these skills to function successfully and efficiently. The goal of education and consult services is to educate parents/caregivers and collaborate on strategies. We will use dialogue and come up with a game plan to address concerns.

Image by Stephen Leonardi
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