occupational therapy

Self-regulation and executive function skills affect how pre-teens and teens interact and cope with the world. These skills ultimately determine how they function in daily life. We address the following areas: 

- Activities to take care of their body

- Activities that support life at home and the community: chores, meal preparation, managing money, shopping

- Activities to manage health and wellness: managing emotions, coping skills, nutrition, physical activity, and mental wellness

- Activities to promote rest and rejuvenation: sleep preparation and sleep

- Activities that foster learning: school/academics and study skills

  •  Online consultation & education/training -  practical support and strategies

  • In-home & community - hands-on learning 

  • Workshops 


SPECIALTY FOCUS - We coach young adult women as they transition into adulthood to manage
their minds and body to appropriately channel their efforts, make deliberate & sound decisions and improve their quality of life.


- Self-development: personal growth

- Mental & physical wellness: adopting a healthy lifestyle

- Transitions: high school to college or work, immigration and acclimating to a new environment, new roles & responsibilities such as moving out independently

- ADHD & High Functioning Autism support